Monday, 5 March 2007


I am completely overwhelmed with everything. I am still sick as a dog with leftover flu; I was up all night last night, an hour and a half of which was spent contracting at 2-3 minutes apart; I have every ailment of pregnancy you can think of as far as comfort is concerned: heartburn, sciatica, hemmoroids, no appetite, nausea, mood swings, weight loss, insomnia, headaches, etc.; I am not ready for the baby, but at the same time, I can’t wait for him to be here. Work is increasingly difficult and I think I am suffering from pre-partum depression…is there such a thing? Today, I just can’t stop crying. Every little thing sets me off.

I am taking a little break from my home on the web. I am finding that I am getting too caught up in other peoples’ lives, which is adding to my stress. I tend to do that. What hurts “Susie Q” hurts me. I take it with me when I go to bed. I can’t just shed the emotion at the door…I have to carry it with me, thinking and analyzing it to death and I think it is contributing to the general malaise I am feeling.

So, I am going to rein in all my horses and start fresh. I have a doctor’s appointment at 3:20 to see what might be causing the contractions or, at the very least, see what damage, if any, those contractions have caused. I will update when I get home. Pin It

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