Thursday, 22 March 2007

Decisions, decisions...

Tonight, the boys had to make a decision…or so we thought. They are both due for renewal at karate. Middleman is due now and Boy Oneder, we thought was due in July, but it actually ended up being September.

So, Sensei gave us the pricing for the next three years (we pay in three year packages). After Hubster and I had a heart attack, we sat the boys down to talk. For three years, for each child, the cost is just over $3,000.00. That amount is to be paid in one year. Yeah….like I said….heart attack.

Boy Oneder and Middleman really want to play hockey, but obviously, with this crazy pay out, we can’t afford both. PLUS, karate is 2 days a week and hockey is 2 days a week. We would never be home. We told them that they had to decide between the two. Keep in mind that Boy Oneder is a blue belt now…two belts away from black. Middleman is an orange belt. I explained to them that when they signed up for karate, they signed up for a committment. Committment to getting their black belts. Karate is more than a sport, it is a lifestyle. Hockey is a sport. Karate can be put on your resume. Unless you are the needle in the haystack that becomes an NHL player, hockey is just for fun.

After half an hour, it was time for Boy Oneder’s class. We went into the Dojo and I asked Sensei if he had a few minutes. I explained the situation to him…that there was NO way we could afford to pay $6,000 in one year, especially considering I was on maternity leave. I also explained that the boys are really excited about playing hockey, but that I was concerned about the time required. We talked for about ten minutes and he told us that he had several other children who played other sports and that it did not affect their karate training. He went into details about how karate actually helped the children with other sports. He then came up with another plan for the payment of the tuition. We are paying him on a monthly basis until the boys get their black belts, one year at a time. So, starting in April, we will be paying $85.00 per month for Middleman’s tuition. Boy Oneder’s renewal is due in September, so, as of September, there will be a new contract, where we will pay $170.00 per month until August, 2008, when we will renew again. This arrangement is definitely doable.

So, the decision was made to keep them in karate, and depending on how much hockey will cost us, they may play houseleague hockey as well. Hubster and I both feel that it is important to teach the boys the importance of committing to something, but we also want them to experience the joy of playing a sport that they both seem to love so much. Getting them involved in sports is an investment in their future.

I think we made the right choice…thanks to Sensei for being so flexible. Pin It

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