Friday, 9 February 2007

I wasn't going to do this...

I really wasn’t…but I can’t help it.

Anna Nicole Smith.

I know everyone and their brother are blogging about this today (and yesterday), but I really can’t help myself. Her death has been on my mind ever since I read about it yesterday evening. I am just so sad about the whole situation.

She seemed to be such a lost soul. A poster child for what happens when you get involved with the wrong people. I think she was an innocent girl who got caught up in the excitement of Hollywood and the sharks that snapped her up tore her to shreds. The Howard K. Sterns of the world…weasels and snakes.

I think that her marriage to J. Howard Marshall II was not sexual. He was the father figure she never had. He loved her…that’s all she wanted was love. I don’t think it had anything to do with money really. Her “posse” made it about money. Her lawyer…ugh…what a jerk.

I think she was completely devastated by the loss of her son Daniel and I think that on top of his death, she was probably dealing with post partum depression. She was a sad, sad woman, missing her son desperately. Howard K. Stern took full advantage of her vulnerability. She was the puppet…he pulled the strings. I think it will come out that he is NOT the father of Dannilyn. Larry Birkhead is the father. Not that he is much better than Stern, but he deserves to be a Daddy to his child. Stern only wants her to exploit her, as he did Anna Nicole.

Anyway…I know she is with Daniel now. I know she is happy now. I know that she will never feel pain and sadness again.

May she rest in eternal peace, away from all the demons that haunted her on earth. And may the Howard K. Sterns of the world repent for all they put her through. Pin It

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