Wednesday, 24 January 2007

One year ago today...

I spoke with my sister for the last time one year ago today.

She called me on the Wednesday evening, on her way home from work. Not many people know this and I have lived with guilt because of it…I couldn’t be bothered to speak to her. I was busy doing something completely unimportant, so I lied and told her I was on my way out the door to take the boys to karate. I said I would call her back when I got home. The boys didn’t even have karate that night and I never “got around” to calling her back. I will forever carry that guilt. I never spoke to her again. She died on the Saturday.

The thing is, if I knew she was going to die, I obviously would have spoken to her. But we don’t know ahead of time. I now make sure I find the time to speak to people, even if I would rather be doing something else. I wish you would do the same…believe me, you don’t want to have this guilt. Pin It

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