Thursday, 7 December 2006


Most of you will remember our fiasco back in August, when Middleman got a piece of paint or something lodged in his pupil and we went through hell with the Walk-In Clinic, the ER, our eye doctor and then the pediatric eye specialist. He had to get glasses based on both the injury to his left eye and the fact that he had a lazy left eye in the first place.

Well…tonight was his follow-up appointment and the doctor was very pleased with his progress. His eye is completely healed and his lazy eye is not as lazy (lol) anymore. He still has to wear his glasses and he still needs to be checked every 6 months for a while, but Praise the Lord, he is healed! There was a time when we were talking loss of sight in the left eye.

August 11th was one of the scariest days of my life and I thank God that Middleman is OK now. Pin It

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