Tuesday, 28 November 2006

Ten months...

I’ve been an only child for 10 months today.

Ten months without my sister.

Ten months….

I dreamt about her last night. She was playing with Courtney in my bedroom, right beside my bed as I lay in my bed, watching. In my dream, I was crying because I knew she was dead, and seeing her with Courtney, so happy, made me cry. She looked over at me with such compassion in her eyes, like she felt bad that I was sad.

I read somewhere that when you dream of someone you have lost that you have come to terms with their death. Sure doesn’t feel like I’ve come to terms with it. The tears on my computer here say otherwise.

I wish I could chat with her for just a minute. Wish I could tell her all about the pregnancy. Well, I do tell her, but I wish she could respond…

My heart hurts today…it hurts real bad. Pin It

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