Friday, 10 November 2006

Pregnancy Update

I haven’t mentioned my pregnancy alot on my blog because I keep a Pregnancy Journal instead. Today, I am 17 weeks pregnant and thought I would update here.

I have suffered with morning/noon/night sickness for all but 10 days of this pregnancy so far. I had a week and a half reprieve at around 14 weeks and thought that the 24/7 days of nausea were behind me, but NOPE. I am still suffering. Granted, it’s not as bas as it was, but it is definitely still very noticeable!

I have suffered from the beginning with excess saliva. Can you imagine a faucet dripping in your mouth, non-stop? Yeah…that’s how it is. BLECH!

I think I am starting to show…and then the next day, I think I’m not. I think that I feel the baby move and then I don’t feel it again for a few days.

I am not enjoying this pregnancy at ALL and it makes me really sad. This will definitely be my last pregnancy and I just wanted to enjoy it. I just want to get that pregnant glow and have people rub my OBVIOUSLY pregnant belly.

I have my 3D ultrasound booked for next Saturday (the 18th). We will find out if the baby is going to be called Emily Joanne or Threepeat ____ (undecided on middle name). Maybe after seeing the baby in 3D and knowing the sex, things will at least SEEM better than they do right now. Pin It

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