Sunday, 17 September 2006

WOOHOO!! Amazing Race 10!!

GAME ON! Amazing Race 10 started tonight and I am LOVIN’ it already!!!

Here’s my take on the teams:

Bilal and Sa’eed:

These guys are best friends. They are EXTREMELY religous and almost every scene involves them praying or praising Allah. They stop to pray ALOT along the route. They will be one of the first to be eliminated. 9:11 pm: Edited to add: I TOLD you they would be one of the first! They ARE the first! LMAO!!

David and Mary:

Holy REDNECKS batman!!! She has never been outside of the State of Kentucky! LMAO! This couple should be funny to watch. I have to give her credit on eating those fish eyeballs though!

Duke and Lauren:

A father and daughter team…except in Dad’s eyes, she’s on the WRONG team. He started crying when stating that his daughter was gay. She had to take over while he sobbed and advised that she had just come out of the closet!

Dustin and Kandice:

Miss California and Miss New York. Typical blondes. Not going very far. Sorry guys.

Tyler and James:

Best friends. They have been through rehab and are now models. I can see why…they’re pretty hot. Unforch, I don’t think they’ll get too far in the game.

Rob and Kimberly:

They are dating. But if tonight is any indication, not for long. She is a bitch. I can just tell.

Peter and Sarah:

AWWWWW!!! They are just “friends” but I see more in their future! How cool is it that she has an artificial leg and he MAKES artificial limbs! AWWW! I like this couple!

Lyn and Karlyn:

Best friends. I like these two. They are just…cute. I’d like to see them do well. I’m gonna have to watch a little longer before predicting their future (or lack thereof)

Kellie and Jamie:

Best friends. Airheads. Not gonna make it very far. And get RID of those scarves you tarts!

Tom and Terry:

Dating. LMFAO! Can they BE any fruitier? They jump up and down like cheerleaders and they sound like they sucked a WHOLE helium balloon. They will be good for some laughs though!

Erwin and Godwin:

Brothers. They got into trouble at the airport for shooting people with water guns. Lame-Os who should be in front of a computer, playing anime games, not competing in The Amazing Race. These two bug me.

Vipul and Arti:

Married. He speaks perfect English with absolutely NO HINT of an Indian accent…until he says his wife’s name. It is HILARIOUS! Watch for it….you can’t miss it. Pin It

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