Monday, 4 September 2006

We had a long weekend?

The long weekend is over and I feel like it hasn’t even begun!!

From birthday parties to get togethers to movie dates to housecleaning, this weekend disappeared before it even began!

The weather SUCKED, which probably made it worse and morning/noon/night sickness makes LOOKING at food disgusting, let alone attempting to EAT food.

High Notes:

We took the kids to see “Monster House”. It was a cute movie and the kids enjoyed it. Best of all, we saw it in 3D, which made it all the more exciting!

I got all the maternity clothes that my neighbour and my friend lent me. I have nowhere to put the clothes, but at least it is clean and neatly piled on my rocking chair! LOL!

Low Notes:

The weather…cloudy and cold and drizzly ALL weekend.

Morning/noon/night sickness…non-stop nausea sucks.

And that is Labour Day Weekend, 2006. Pin It

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