Monday, 25 September 2006

I talked with my sister, my Dad and my father-in-law today

Yes, they are all dead and no, I am not crazy.

My Mom and I went to see a medium this morning. Her name is Sandy Wiltshire and she is absolutely UNBELIEVABLE!

I went into her house a skeptic. I refused to give her an OUNCE of a hint on anything to do with my life or who I had lost, but they all came through and she named them all with NO prompting or help from Mom or me.

Most of the so-called mediums I have seen on TV say stuff like, “I am sensing a man with the initial ‘S’…does this mean anything to you?” If you say no, they change to another letter or something. When Sandy named my Dad, she came right out with “Robert”. She asked me where the Italian connection came from and I told her my husband’s family. She asked me who "F" was (my FIL). She asked me who Danielle was (my littlest niece). She knew that my nieces horse jump. She KNEW my Dad died of leukemia and she knew that Hubster’s Dad died very quickly after being sick.

The order of things was uncanny. My Mom and I sobbed at the end. It was wonderful. My Dad told us that it was OK that he died in the hospital…how could she know this? My father-in-law apologized to me for not being able to say good-bye and my sister apologized for “not being more careful” in her accident. How would this woman KNOW these things? All she ever knew from my mother was her first name and that she had lost a child. She didn’t even know my first name.

This was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. The relief of knowing that my sister, my Dad and my father-in-law are safe and can still see, hear and communicate with me is overwhelming.

Sandy told us they are with God. And now, I believe with every ounce of my being that there is life after death!

Thank you Sandy. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Pin It

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