Saturday, 5 August 2006


You can’t freakin’ get away from it. My hotmail account is INUNDATED with it, my gmail account is getting hit and now, my blog is getting hit!

Yesterday, I had to turn off comments from work because my firewall wouldn’t let me delete the dumb-dumb’s penny stock comment from my blog. I deleted it as soon as I came home. I have the word verification turned on and still, this low-life was able to spam my blog! GRRR!

I also believe that my hotmail account was hacked last week. Someone messaged my friend with some really nasty comments. I have now stopped using that hotmail account and after three emails, have yet to hear back from MSN. Glad to see they give a rat’s a$$ about their customers’ safety. Whatev….

So, I guess Spam is now an inevitable part of our internet lives. What I want to know is how these spammers make money. Everyone I know just deletes all those viagra, penis enlargement and horny housewife messages, so why do they bother? Can you IMAGINE what a wonderful world this would be if these morons were to put their computer saavy to some GOOD use?

Get a life Spammers! And stay away from MY blog. Pin It

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