Sunday, 6 August 2006

OK Mother Nature...NOT funny.

So it started with the robins . I was really excited about them, even though they made a HECK of a mess on our porch and we STILL can’t fix the light because they damaged the wiring.

Then we had the sparrows. I didn’t blog about them, but they made a nest in our backyard, and were the cutest little things.

Then there were the wasps yesterday. UGH…they are already rebuilding in the bird house and Hubster will have to work his magic again when he gets home. They are NASTY.

Now, we have a new guest. I affectionately refer to him as Pepee. You know, as in Pepee Le PEW?

Yes my friends, a skunk has chosen our deck as his den. The smell is not too bad YET, but it IS noticable. I have a few estimates at about $250.00 to come and take him away, but there is the little problem of him returning. So, the pest control companies want $12.00 per linear foot to dig a trench and install mesh under the ground so the little effer can’t get back under there. We have spoken with our neighbours, and since they also have a deck, I think Hubster and Eddie may just dig the trench and install the mesh themselves.

I don’t understand what it is about OUR house that attracts these creatures. I was quite flattered when the little, harmless, NON-smelly and NON-stinging birdies arrived, but the wasps and the skunk HAVE to go. I mean, skunks are kinda cute, but they have no place under my deck!!

I have a radio playing out there to disturb his sleep (they are nocturnal) and I bang my feet on the deck every half hour, hoping that he will go and find somewhere else to curl up. UGH!!!!!

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