Wednesday, 2 August 2006

The numbers game

{August 2, 2006} The Numbers Game…
I’ve always had issues with people who put emphasis on numbers when it comes to age. There are VERY immature 40 year olds and VERY mature 16 year olds. So why do some people make such a big deal about age?

I understand that there has to be a law as far as things like drinking and smoking, but in all other aspects, I think that decisions should be up to the parent. A parent knows their child best.

Boy Oneder is 10. We often say he is an “old soul”. He is wise beyond his years (by this, I don’t mean he is more intelligent than the average 10 year old, but that he is very mature for his age). He doesn’t like hanging with the kids when we visit friends. He is always the one kid sitting at the table with the adults. He takes part in what most of society would consider adult conversations. Now, we are very careful with what we say, but we let him participate.

Middleman, on the other hand, is your typical 7 year old. He has no desire to be with the adults (that’s “boring”) and to talk to him about anything other than power rangers or gamecube is a complete waste of time.

Mollie is a 17 year old girl who I met over the internet. She is a lovely, lovely girl. I find her to be very mature for her age and alot of times, I feel like I am chatting with a friend my age. She is intelligent, BEAUTIFUL and she is a Christian. She is NOT your typical 17 year old.

She was in a chat room the other day on Blog Explosion and someone over there threatened to file a complaint because she was under 18. The chatroom says that it is for adults only, but the program they use turns ALL curse words into **’s anyway. No one else has an issue with her being there, so WTF is this person’s problem? Do they have NOTHING better to do with their time than chase away under 18’s? Mollie turns 18 in three months anyway!

So, whoever you are, leave Mollie alone. If you were a regular member of the Adults Only chatroom, you would know that there is nothing going on that she or any other minor can’t see anyway! Get a life and leave my girl alone! Pin It

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