Tuesday, 8 August 2006

Life's purpose

I sometimes go through phases where I am looking for my life’s purpose. I am going through one of those phases right now. Why am I here? What is the reason for my existence? Is there a higher power guiding me? Where do we go when we die? Is there a Heaven? Do we reincarnate?

The questions are endless. There are days where I think, “Yeah…THAT’s why I’m here!” and then there are days like today, where I question everything. Unfortunately, there ARE no answers. Well, no answers that we can be SURE of. The Bible tells me that there is a Heaven. The Bible also tells me that there is a God. But, I am left to my own interpretation (or that of my Christian friends and family). NO ONE knows for sure.

Maybe we find out when we get to Heaven, if there IS a Heaven…LOL! Until then, I will continue seeking answers and questioning everything about life. Pin It

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