Tuesday, 1 August 2006

Just when I thought the battle was over

the portables keep coming back to haunt me…well, not the portables, but our lame, good for nothing LOSER of a School Board Trustee.

I received this email when I returned to work yesterday:

Hi Dawn, I havn’t heard back from you since I returned your call the
day after our meeting. Since I have not heard back, I am assuming that you are pleased with the outcome I got for you. (SIGNED BY TRUSTEE)

Notice the misspelling of the word “haven’t”…but, I digress. He copied the Superintendant of Schools, the Mayor of my City, my City Councillor and the principal of the school.

After I picked my jaw up off the floor and dealt with the rage of an angry bull, I composed this reply (and yes…I replied to all, but I also added the Director of Education for the Board as well):

Mr. ********…

Firstly, I don’t recall receiving a telephone call from you after the
meeting, but that’s irrelevant in this situation.

Am I pleased with the outcome YOU got for me? PLEASE…you had nothing to do with this outcome. In fact, you hindered the whole thing by not getting back to me in the first place. I called you several times prior to the end of the school year and was told by you that you would take care of everything and not to worry. I waited and finally, you told me to let the portables be delivered and that we would deal with it after the fact. This was not acceptable, as we all knew that once the portables were placed, they would not be moved. Your suggestion was one that would have cost the Board and taxpayers alot of money, and needlessly put children at risk in the interim.

I was forced to take matters into my own hands. You advised that it
was impossible to do anything about the portables this year and bascially, washed your hands of the situation.

I’m pleased with the outcome that I worked very hard to achieve. I was successful in obtaining last minute approval to do a deputation to the City in order to facilitate a meeting between the Board and the City, in hopes of getting an amendment to the Site Plan, prior to the portable placement.

So, sorry…you had nothing to do with this whatsoever. I take great exception to your manipulation of the truth.I was extremely disappointed in the way you handled this situation from the beginning, and to receive this email now, where you take credit for this outcome, is personally insulting, as I did this singlehandedly. I am just a parent, who saw a dangerous situation and felt compelled to step up to
the plate.

I remember thinking, that if you were a reflection of how the **** ******** District School Board handles this type of situtation, I would be
appalled. Luckily, when I turned to **** ********, I found him to be
courteous and open to my ideas, restoring my faith in the **** ******** District School Board.

Let me take this opportunity to offer some “friendly” advice. Given the
fact that you are Trustee, a position that should embody the utmost integrity, and your ability to help those in need, especially children, I would suggest that you channel your energy towards actually helping these people, rather than spending your time taking credit for things that you have not done and never had any intention of doing, or blaming others and passing the buck.

As a final note, I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank
Mr. **** ********, Mr. **** *******, Mr. ***** ******** and Mr. ******* ******* (all of the people he copied in his email, the mayor, as noted above) for recognizing this issue as a serious threat on student and community safety and for taking the time to resolve this issue in a manner that was satisfactory to all stakeholders (and for putting the KIDS FIRST!) Kids First is his “slogan”

Mr. ********, in the future, keep in mind that your actions are a
reflection of the **** ******** District School Board. With that said,
govern yourself accordingly.

How this man is still the School Board Trustee is beyond me. Elections are this November and you can be DAMNED SURE that I will be voting for his opponent, who MUST be able to do something more than this piece of work.

Wonder what his response will be…he is not a man to let someone else, especially a WOMAN, have the last word…I’ll keep ya posted! Pin It

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