Friday, 11 August 2006

It's always fun till SOMEBODY loses an eye

If you had seen me last night at about 9:00, I would not have been using this as a title.

Yesterday morning, we took the boys to the pet shop to get them a couple of fish. Walking back to the car, we passed a unit where they were doing construction. Two minutes onto the road, Middleman says he has something in his eye. I told him to pull his upper lid over his lower lid and that I would look at it when we got to a red light (Hubster was driving, but I couldn’t reach while moving). We got to the red light and I looked at his eye. I saw a small, white speck on his pupil, that looked like a paint chip.

We get home and it’s still on his pupil. I put visine in and tell him to move his eye around, but it is still stuck. We decide to go to the walk-in clinic. By the time the doctor saw us, the white thing was gone, but the doctor looked anyway. He used numbing drops and dye and saw that his eye was all scratched up and that something was still “embedded” in his eye. He suggests that we go to the emergency room to have it removed.

We head over to Emergency and see the biggest jerk. He was mean and cold. He checked Middleman's eye and wiped it with a q-tip. He said there was nothing there, but he would phone the opthamologist to get a follow up appointment. He sets the appointment for 8:30 this morning.

We get home at about 5:00 and Middleman gets HYSTERICAL from the pain. He is screaming and crying. Hubster decides to take him to our eye doctor.

Apparently, the dye had seeped into the back of his eye. Our eye doctor suspects that whatever got into his eye has scratched the cornea and penetrated the barrier behind the cornea. This will mean emergency surgery. He starts calling around to see if any of the specialists he knows can see us tonight and gets in touch with one AMAZING doctor.

Long story short, (I know, I know too late) his eye was NOT perforated (Thank God) and he is now on drops 4 times a day. His cornea is torn and very, very damaged. His eyesight is also very affected and he will have to be reassessed tomorrow afternoon.

Thank God….he’s OK. Pin It

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