Monday, 28 August 2006

Back to school

Thank GOODNESS, it’s almost that most WONDERFUL time of the year when the kidlets head back to school!

I’m not even a stay-at-home-mom, but I do suffer the consequences of kids who are bored and have spent way too much time together.

Each evening, when I come home from work, (exhausted from the hormonal rages that thrash through my veins) I am greeted by, “MOM!!! Boy Oneder said I’m a moron!” or “MOM!!! Middleman touched my stuff!” These complaints continue on and off throughout the evening, until Hubster or I get to the point where we end up yelling at them and sending them to bed.

Their brains have become mush from the over-abundance of Game Cube and under-utilization of books. They are all off routine, going to bed after 11:00 pm and waking up after 10:00 am. I am all for enjoying the summer and laying back and relaxing, but by the last week of August, I am ready to kill them.

Boy Oneder is going into grade 5. I remember grade 5 as a pretty tough grade. Middleman is going into grade 2…still a cake walk. ;o)

And so, I begin the countdown to the 2006/2007 school year…HALLELUIAH! Pin It

It's days like these

where I seriously have to give my head a shake. What kind of world do we LIVE in? And I’m bringing another little baby into this messed up place?!

On my way to meeting with a client this morning, I was stuck in bumper to bumper traffic for about half an hour. The signs on the 401 showed that two left lanes were blocked at Kennedy Road…just where I had to get off the highway. I ended up getting off at Warden (the exit just before Kennedy) and being hormonal and pregnant, I cursed the entire way.

I got home tonight and started reading City TV’s Website and this is what I saw:

Suspect Charged After Alleged Bizarre Carjacking Spree
Wednesday August 23, 2006

It was anything but the usual rush hour for dozens of shocked drivers on the 401 Wednesday.

It started with a carjacking downtown and continued with multiple attempts at stealing more vehicles along the way in a desperate attempt to elude police.

The story begins around 7am at a downtown parking lot at Elizabeth and Gerrard, where a woman was getting out of her car heading for work. From out of a nowhere a man appeared, slashed her in the hands with a pair of scissors, got into her S.U.V. and roared away.

He hit the highway, but the road hit back, when the suspect was involved in a crash on the 401 eastbound collectors near Kennedy Road. But that didn’t stop him. He got out of the rolled over vehicle and ran towards a Mercedes Benz.

He attempted to carjack that expensive car, too, but he didn’t get away with it when other drivers intervened.

“It looked like he was trying to take that vehicle over,” claims witness George Badovinac. “I just got out of my vehicle and with another man’s help we pulled him out of the vehicle. He took a swing at me. I swung back. I hit him once, and then he ran south down Kennedy Road.”

That’s how the now bleeding suspect wound up at a nearby shopping mall, where police contend he made another try at boosting a new set of wheels with a driver still inside.

A second motorist responded to that crime in progress by honking his horn repeatedly to try to alert a nearby police cruiser.

“He start punching me in the head and the neck,” remembers Omid Morrobat. “And I reversed the punches back.”

Witnesses were shocked by what they saw next.

“We just heard the squeal of tires and a truck, like an S.U.V. came like squealing around the corner and we saw a guy fall off,” recalls Lindsay Craig. “It looked like he was trying to get into the car.”

But police finally caught up to their man and pinned the heavily tattooed suspect down near the car he’d been looking to swipe.

“We realized (the suspect) was hanging on to the Yukon and he fell off,” notes Theresa Zuppa. “He kind of ran around the cop car and tried to run away and then he
finally just put up his hands and the cops took him down.”

But still the drama wasn’t over. “They put him in the car, and then you could hear him yelling and screaming and then he kicked out the window of the cop car and then they got him out of the car again,” Craig marvels.

Police allegedly found drug paraphernalia at the scene, and they’ll be added to the charges facing 40-year-old Randy Smith. Among the others: robbery, assault with a weapon and dangerous driving.

Incredibly, no one was seriously hurt during the crime spree.

What was this loser THINKING? Unbelievable… Pin It

Tuesday, 22 August 2006

I'm a new woman!!

It’s amazing what one good night’s sleep will do for ya!

I slept like a LOG last night (thank you Gravol!). I woke up this morning, ready to face the day and whatever it threw at me!

Thank GOODNESS! Pin It

Monday, 21 August 2006

I'm so blue today

I’m fighting back the tears. I am SO tired, but I am not sleeping at night. I can barely function at work from the exhaustion.

I am seeing the doctor at 5:30 to see if there is anything I can safely take that will help me break the cycle. I went to bed at 11:00 last night, woke up at 1:00 and was up until after 3:00. I just can’t function like this anymore. Pin It

Saturday, 19 August 2006


I am so exhausted throughout the day that it takes every ounce of my being to stay awake. I am yawning like mad in the evenings and feel like crap. I go to bed anywhere between 10 and 11 and I PING off the walls.

My mind races…is the baby ok? Will I miscarry? What will we call it? Will my labour be an easy one again? How will Rosie adjust to a baby in the house? Over and over and over these thoughts go through my mind. I just can’t turn off the brain! Add Hubster's snoring to the mix and here I am, blogging at 12:34 am, when I have a garage sale to do tomorrow!

Speaking of garage sales…it’s supposed to rain all effing day tomorrow. Another thing to worry about. I paid $75.00 for an ad in the Toronto Star, so I expect tons of people, but I have NOWHERE to put the stuff if it rains! DAMMIT. I guess we’ll put a note on the door that it was cancelled due to pooor weather and try again next week.

Figures……. Pin It

Friday, 18 August 2006

Why I love Kate

She can write so well…click here to see what I mean.

I love you Katie!

Pin It

Thursday, 17 August 2006

Happy Birthday to ME!

Today, August 17th, I turn 37 years old. What a gift I got this year! Next year, I’ll be a Mom of three! Pin It

Wednesday, 16 August 2006

Garage sales are a SERIOUS business!!

Holy Cow!

We are having a garage sale this Saturday, so I placed an advertisement in the newspaper, which will run today, tomorrow and Friday.

I have already had TWO phone calls this morning and one man showed up to look at our records “pre-sale” at 10:00. I had no idea how seriously some people take these things.

The sale is on SATURDAY people. Leave me ALONE until then! Pin It

Tuesday, 15 August 2006

Secret Revealed

We are shocked, but thrilled…

(Ticker removed as it was outdated)

Praying for a healthy baby…wishing for a little girl!

More details when I have time to type them out! Pin It

Monday, 14 August 2006

I have a BIG secret I've been hiding

Tune in tomorrow for all the juicy details…


One hour and a half

That’s how long it took me to get home tonight. I left Markham at 5:00 and walked in my door at 6:25. Usually, it’s a twenty minute drive.

What’s different about tonight, you ask? Well, there was a little rain shower. Not a storm, a freakin’ spit of rain!!! The 407 was JAMMED and there was NO WAY I was going to pay money on a toll road to sit in traffic, so I got off at Keele. Keele was a NIGHTMARE. I went to Rutherford, looked east and saw it was a mess, so kept driving north to Major Mackenzie. It was a disaster as well.

I know that most of you reading this have NO IDEA where all these roads are, and I apologize, but I am just SO pissed that I had to sit in that traffic for NO REASON and blogging about it just made me feel better. GRRRRR! Pin It

Friday, 11 August 2006

It's always fun till SOMEBODY loses an eye

If you had seen me last night at about 9:00, I would not have been using this as a title.

Yesterday morning, we took the boys to the pet shop to get them a couple of fish. Walking back to the car, we passed a unit where they were doing construction. Two minutes onto the road, Middleman says he has something in his eye. I told him to pull his upper lid over his lower lid and that I would look at it when we got to a red light (Hubster was driving, but I couldn’t reach while moving). We got to the red light and I looked at his eye. I saw a small, white speck on his pupil, that looked like a paint chip.

We get home and it’s still on his pupil. I put visine in and tell him to move his eye around, but it is still stuck. We decide to go to the walk-in clinic. By the time the doctor saw us, the white thing was gone, but the doctor looked anyway. He used numbing drops and dye and saw that his eye was all scratched up and that something was still “embedded” in his eye. He suggests that we go to the emergency room to have it removed.

We head over to Emergency and see the biggest jerk. He was mean and cold. He checked Middleman's eye and wiped it with a q-tip. He said there was nothing there, but he would phone the opthamologist to get a follow up appointment. He sets the appointment for 8:30 this morning.

We get home at about 5:00 and Middleman gets HYSTERICAL from the pain. He is screaming and crying. Hubster decides to take him to our eye doctor.

Apparently, the dye had seeped into the back of his eye. Our eye doctor suspects that whatever got into his eye has scratched the cornea and penetrated the barrier behind the cornea. This will mean emergency surgery. He starts calling around to see if any of the specialists he knows can see us tonight and gets in touch with one AMAZING doctor.

Long story short, (I know, I know too late) his eye was NOT perforated (Thank God) and he is now on drops 4 times a day. His cornea is torn and very, very damaged. His eyesight is also very affected and he will have to be reassessed tomorrow afternoon.

Thank God….he’s OK. Pin It

Wednesday, 9 August 2006


I quit smoking today.

I feel like a HUGE bag of CRAP, so I decided now would be an good time to quit.

I went to the doctor today because I had a little cough, but it hurt SO bad in my chest, so I decided to get it checked out. Good thing I did. I have a chest, ear and throat infection. I am now on Biaxin (antibiotic), Flonase (nasal spray) and Flovent (a puffer). My chest is KILLING me and my throat feels SO dry. I have a fever, so I feel exhausted and my eyes burn.

I’m going back to bed now….zzzzzzzzz! Pin It

Tuesday, 8 August 2006

Life's purpose

I sometimes go through phases where I am looking for my life’s purpose. I am going through one of those phases right now. Why am I here? What is the reason for my existence? Is there a higher power guiding me? Where do we go when we die? Is there a Heaven? Do we reincarnate?

The questions are endless. There are days where I think, “Yeah…THAT’s why I’m here!” and then there are days like today, where I question everything. Unfortunately, there ARE no answers. Well, no answers that we can be SURE of. The Bible tells me that there is a Heaven. The Bible also tells me that there is a God. But, I am left to my own interpretation (or that of my Christian friends and family). NO ONE knows for sure.

Maybe we find out when we get to Heaven, if there IS a Heaven…LOL! Until then, I will continue seeking answers and questioning everything about life. Pin It

Monday, 7 August 2006

My name is Dawn and I am a blogoholic

In my search for help with my little “problem”, I came across the 12-step program for Alcoholics Anonymous and thought I’d tweak them a little to deal with my blog addiction.

*Please note…this is not intended to poke fun at or demean the AA program at all. Surviving and conquering addiction is something to be extremely proud of and is a very difficult and lifelong task. This post is just for fun.*

The 13 Suggested Steps of Blogoholics Anonymous:

1. Admit you are powerless over your blog–that your life has become unmanageable.
2. Come to believe that a Power greater than ourselves could restore you to sanity.
3. Make a decision to turn your will and your life over to the care of God as we understand Him.
4. Make a searching and fearless moral inventory of yourself.
5. Admit to God, to yourself and to another human being, the exact nature of your wrongs.
6. Be entirely ready to have God remove all these defects of character.
7. Humbly ask Him to remove your shortcomings.
8. Make a list of all persons you have harmed, and become willing to make amends to them all.
9. Make direct amends to such people wherever possible, except when to do so would injure them or others.
10. Continue to take personal inventory and when you are wrong, promptly admit it.
11. Seek, through prayer and meditation, to improve your conscious contact with God, as you understand Him, praying only for knowledge of His will for you and the power to carry that out.
12. Having had a spiritual awakening as the result of these steps, try to carry this message to blogoholics, and practice these principles in all your affairs.
13. Turn off the DAMNED computer! Pin It

Well that's an hour and a half of my life I'll never get back

that I’ll never get back.

Hubster and I took the kids to see Barnyard today. What a load of crap.

The animation is not very good, the story line is very dull and I don’t think the voices really matched the characters that well.

I cried when Ben died, but there was a song in that scene about Dads and it just brought my Dad’s memories right back to me.

The songs were good and the one scene with the fat rat singing “Bombastic” was good.

The rest of the movie was a big disappointment. Don’t waste your money. Pin It

Sunday, 6 August 2006

OK Mother Nature...NOT funny.

So it started with the robins . I was really excited about them, even though they made a HECK of a mess on our porch and we STILL can’t fix the light because they damaged the wiring.

Then we had the sparrows. I didn’t blog about them, but they made a nest in our backyard, and were the cutest little things.

Then there were the wasps yesterday. UGH…they are already rebuilding in the bird house and Hubster will have to work his magic again when he gets home. They are NASTY.

Now, we have a new guest. I affectionately refer to him as Pepee. You know, as in Pepee Le PEW?

Yes my friends, a skunk has chosen our deck as his den. The smell is not too bad YET, but it IS noticable. I have a few estimates at about $250.00 to come and take him away, but there is the little problem of him returning. So, the pest control companies want $12.00 per linear foot to dig a trench and install mesh under the ground so the little effer can’t get back under there. We have spoken with our neighbours, and since they also have a deck, I think Hubster and Eddie may just dig the trench and install the mesh themselves.

I don’t understand what it is about OUR house that attracts these creatures. I was quite flattered when the little, harmless, NON-smelly and NON-stinging birdies arrived, but the wasps and the skunk HAVE to go. I mean, skunks are kinda cute, but they have no place under my deck!!

I have a radio playing out there to disturb his sleep (they are nocturnal) and I bang my feet on the deck every half hour, hoping that he will go and find somewhere else to curl up. UGH!!!!!

Why me??? Pin It

Saturday, 5 August 2006

Shudder, gasp, shiver

Take a look at this ugly mo-fo!:

Now, imagine him and about 500 or so of his closest friends, making a home in the bird house that Boy Oneder made. They were literally ALL over the outside of the house, going in and out of the little door. It was my worst nightmare. My skin is STILL crawling just thinking about it.

Now, take a look at my hero:

And his weapon of mass destruction:

Together, Hubster and his Raid destroyed an entire bird house full of hideous yellow jackets and this:

was the aftermath!

And so my friends, the moral of the story today is:

Don’t MESS with Hubster and his weapon of mass destruction! Pin It


You can’t freakin’ get away from it. My hotmail account is INUNDATED with it, my gmail account is getting hit and now, my blog is getting hit!

Yesterday, I had to turn off comments from work because my firewall wouldn’t let me delete the dumb-dumb’s penny stock comment from my blog. I deleted it as soon as I came home. I have the word verification turned on and still, this low-life was able to spam my blog! GRRR!

I also believe that my hotmail account was hacked last week. Someone messaged my friend with some really nasty comments. I have now stopped using that hotmail account and after three emails, have yet to hear back from MSN. Glad to see they give a rat’s a$$ about their customers’ safety. Whatev….

So, I guess Spam is now an inevitable part of our internet lives. What I want to know is how these spammers make money. Everyone I know just deletes all those viagra, penis enlargement and horny housewife messages, so why do they bother? Can you IMAGINE what a wonderful world this would be if these morons were to put their computer saavy to some GOOD use?

Get a life Spammers! And stay away from MY blog. Pin It

Thursday, 3 August 2006

The saga continues

Well, the Trustee from hell has responded and I have replied back…

Hi Mrs ********, I have a saved voice mail message that you left at
my home the day after our meeting.

With respect to taking credit, I clarified that with a follow up
message to everyone. In fact I heard that comments were made to members of
the community crediting people who had nothing to do with this matter.
That is unfair to everyone who was really part of the solution.

The only messages I do not return are the ones never left.

I went as far as meeting with your husband and neighbors one night
to discuss the solution and it was agreed that we would work on moving
the portables. However doing that would require municpal approvals. It
would be irresponsible as the representative of this community if we were to
do something against required protocol. By going against this would
have costed tax payers alot more money and that would be irresponsible.

The reality is this, you have knowingly purchased backing onto a
school site and need to accept that there might be disturbances, but that
is likely why the builder sold the homes for less.

I am sorry if you are offended by my comments but I take great
exception to your comments after all the personal unfounded remarks made.

My response:

Mr. ********.

I spent the last couple of days pondering how to respond to your email
and I have come to the realization that no matter what I say, you will twist it
somehow, but I will take my chances and respond anyway.

“With respect to taking credit, I clarified that with a follow up
message to everyone.”

You clarified what? A follow up message to whom? I don’t understand
your point with this statement. Please provide me with a copy of this follow up

“In fact I heard that comments were made to members of the community crediting people who had nothing to do with this matter. That is unfair to everyone who was really part of the solution.”

I gave credit to those who were involved, as per my last email. What
members of the community? The only members I have spoken to are my neighbours.

“The only messages I do not return are the ones never left.”

Catchy quote, but you said you were returning my call, so in order to
“return” a call, a call must have been left, no? Don’t know where you were going
with this statement.

“I went as far as meeting with your husband and neighbors one night to
discuss the solution and it was agreed that we would work on moving the portables. However doing that would require municpal approvals. It would be irresponsible as the representative of this community if we were to do something against required protocol. By going against this would have costed tax payers alot more money and that would be irresponsible.”

With your “extensive” political background, I find it hard to believe
that you didn’t know that I had options. I was able to get municipal approvals,
why couldn’t you? Or better yet, why couldn’t you have offered me solutions that
were readily available? Too much work?

“The reality is this, you have knowingly purchased backing onto a school site and need to accept that there might be disturbances, but that is likely why the builder sold the homes for less.”

Not that my personal finances are any of your business or should affect whether or not you do your job a Trustee, actually Mr. ********, the “reality” is that I paid MORE for my house to back on the school, not less. Perhaps your 20 years of appraising skills are a little rusty. Check your facts before you throw out insults. Furthermore, why you would even bring this up as a point eludes me. Where in ANY of my correspondence did I EVER mention that the problem was disturbance in relation to my property? This is and has always been a safety issue. The portables are technically closer to my property now than they would have been had they been placed smack dab in the middle of the school yard as the Site Plan stated, so I would appreciate it if you would drop this point completely. It is completely irrelevant.

“I am sorry if you are offended by my comments but I take great exception to your comments after all the personal unfounded remarks made.”

None of my remarks were unfounded. I based my remarks on your behaviour
(and lack thereof).

You have had ample opportunity to step up and for whatever reason, you
have chosen not to. Hopefully, this November’s election will give me and my
fellow community members the opportunity to elect a School Board Trustee who
will live up to their slogans and represent the **** ******** District School
Board appropriately.

Sigh…this IS kinda fun. It’s so easy to poke holes in his statements…and he keeps giving me ammunition to work with. Pin It

Wednesday, 2 August 2006

The numbers game

{August 2, 2006} The Numbers Game…
I’ve always had issues with people who put emphasis on numbers when it comes to age. There are VERY immature 40 year olds and VERY mature 16 year olds. So why do some people make such a big deal about age?

I understand that there has to be a law as far as things like drinking and smoking, but in all other aspects, I think that decisions should be up to the parent. A parent knows their child best.

Boy Oneder is 10. We often say he is an “old soul”. He is wise beyond his years (by this, I don’t mean he is more intelligent than the average 10 year old, but that he is very mature for his age). He doesn’t like hanging with the kids when we visit friends. He is always the one kid sitting at the table with the adults. He takes part in what most of society would consider adult conversations. Now, we are very careful with what we say, but we let him participate.

Middleman, on the other hand, is your typical 7 year old. He has no desire to be with the adults (that’s “boring”) and to talk to him about anything other than power rangers or gamecube is a complete waste of time.

Mollie is a 17 year old girl who I met over the internet. She is a lovely, lovely girl. I find her to be very mature for her age and alot of times, I feel like I am chatting with a friend my age. She is intelligent, BEAUTIFUL and she is a Christian. She is NOT your typical 17 year old.

She was in a chat room the other day on Blog Explosion and someone over there threatened to file a complaint because she was under 18. The chatroom says that it is for adults only, but the program they use turns ALL curse words into **’s anyway. No one else has an issue with her being there, so WTF is this person’s problem? Do they have NOTHING better to do with their time than chase away under 18’s? Mollie turns 18 in three months anyway!

So, whoever you are, leave Mollie alone. If you were a regular member of the Adults Only chatroom, you would know that there is nothing going on that she or any other minor can’t see anyway! Get a life and leave my girl alone! Pin It

Tuesday, 1 August 2006

Just when I thought the battle was over

the portables keep coming back to haunt me…well, not the portables, but our lame, good for nothing LOSER of a School Board Trustee.

I received this email when I returned to work yesterday:

Hi Dawn, I havn’t heard back from you since I returned your call the
day after our meeting. Since I have not heard back, I am assuming that you are pleased with the outcome I got for you. (SIGNED BY TRUSTEE)

Notice the misspelling of the word “haven’t”…but, I digress. He copied the Superintendant of Schools, the Mayor of my City, my City Councillor and the principal of the school.

After I picked my jaw up off the floor and dealt with the rage of an angry bull, I composed this reply (and yes…I replied to all, but I also added the Director of Education for the Board as well):

Mr. ********…

Firstly, I don’t recall receiving a telephone call from you after the
meeting, but that’s irrelevant in this situation.

Am I pleased with the outcome YOU got for me? PLEASE…you had nothing to do with this outcome. In fact, you hindered the whole thing by not getting back to me in the first place. I called you several times prior to the end of the school year and was told by you that you would take care of everything and not to worry. I waited and finally, you told me to let the portables be delivered and that we would deal with it after the fact. This was not acceptable, as we all knew that once the portables were placed, they would not be moved. Your suggestion was one that would have cost the Board and taxpayers alot of money, and needlessly put children at risk in the interim.

I was forced to take matters into my own hands. You advised that it
was impossible to do anything about the portables this year and bascially, washed your hands of the situation.

I’m pleased with the outcome that I worked very hard to achieve. I was successful in obtaining last minute approval to do a deputation to the City in order to facilitate a meeting between the Board and the City, in hopes of getting an amendment to the Site Plan, prior to the portable placement.

So, sorry…you had nothing to do with this whatsoever. I take great exception to your manipulation of the truth.I was extremely disappointed in the way you handled this situation from the beginning, and to receive this email now, where you take credit for this outcome, is personally insulting, as I did this singlehandedly. I am just a parent, who saw a dangerous situation and felt compelled to step up to
the plate.

I remember thinking, that if you were a reflection of how the **** ******** District School Board handles this type of situtation, I would be
appalled. Luckily, when I turned to **** ********, I found him to be
courteous and open to my ideas, restoring my faith in the **** ******** District School Board.

Let me take this opportunity to offer some “friendly” advice. Given the
fact that you are Trustee, a position that should embody the utmost integrity, and your ability to help those in need, especially children, I would suggest that you channel your energy towards actually helping these people, rather than spending your time taking credit for things that you have not done and never had any intention of doing, or blaming others and passing the buck.

As a final note, I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank
Mr. **** ********, Mr. **** *******, Mr. ***** ******** and Mr. ******* ******* (all of the people he copied in his email, the mayor, as noted above) for recognizing this issue as a serious threat on student and community safety and for taking the time to resolve this issue in a manner that was satisfactory to all stakeholders (and for putting the KIDS FIRST!) Kids First is his “slogan”

Mr. ********, in the future, keep in mind that your actions are a
reflection of the **** ******** District School Board. With that said,
govern yourself accordingly.

How this man is still the School Board Trustee is beyond me. Elections are this November and you can be DAMNED SURE that I will be voting for his opponent, who MUST be able to do something more than this piece of work.

Wonder what his response will be…he is not a man to let someone else, especially a WOMAN, have the last word…I’ll keep ya posted! Pin It
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