Sunday, 23 July 2006


Why do we spend half of our lives fighting sleep and the other half craving it?

Since I became a mother, I am more and more enlightened as to why my Mom put us to bed so early…first and foremost, for her sanity; and secondly, for our health.

My boys, ages 10 and 7 spend every evening, between 6:30 and bedtime (usually around 9:00) arguing about why they should stay up later tonight. I have had everything from, “it’s not a school night” to “I am old enough to stay up later.” Boy Oneder, to a certain extent, understands why he needs to have an early night at least once in a while. He suffers with migraine headaches after about a week of late nights. So, on nights like tonight, when I insist that they be in bed by 8:00, he only puts half his effort into fighting it. Middleman on the other hand, comes up with every excuse under the sun: “My tummy hurts, I am thirsty, I can’t sleep, etc. etc.” They are constantly fighting the inevitable.

I remember fighting the good fight with my mom many years ago. I knew that in the end, she would win and I would be in bed, but damned if I would fall asleep! I would PROVE to her that 8:00 was too early. 10:00 would come, and more often than not, I would be WIDE awake, stewing and brewing about what a HORRIBLE mother I had. I am sure my boys do that very same thing.

But now, since becoming a mother, I am fighting my own fight! I WANT sleep. I can’t get enough sleep. Sometimes, I would give ANYTHING for just one more hour of sleep.

And so, the generational sequence continues…kids fight their moms NOT to sleep and moms wish with all their heart that they could GET more sleep.

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