Wednesday, 19 July 2006

UGH celebrities

I just HAD to take a moment to post my thoughts on some celebs who have been in the news lately. Some of the stories that I have read drive me MENTAL, especially the Tom Cruise/Katie Holmes baby (or LACK thereof). DISCLAIMER: These are MY thoughts, based on MY tabloid readings. Don’t anyone sue me for libel.

Paris Hilton: She REALLY needs to slow-it-down. If she was a man, I would tell her to keep it in her pants. Man…she is making herself look like SUCH a whore!

Britney Spears: I say the paparazzi should leave her alone when it comes to her parenting skills (or lack thereof). Mothers make mistakes. As for all of her other stupid moves, go to town. But leave her mothering to her.

Suri Cruise: I don’t think that a biological child of Tom Cruise’s exists. I don’t think Katie Holmes was ever pregnant. I have no idea as to motive, other than publicity, bu I am certain that when (and if) we ever see a child that is supposed to be Suri Cruise, it will be an adopted child. Tom and Katie, for whatever twisted reason, faked her pregnancy. No one has seen this child and I will never, ever believe that she is the physical product of Cruise and Holmes.

Pamela Anderson: Good for her…she is marrying Kidd Rock…I knew they’d get together again. I hope this marriage will last for them!

Avril Lavigne: Congratulations! She’s young, but she seems genuinely happy. YAY AVRIL!

Nicole Ritchie: She seems to be gaining some weight…good for her. I hope she has gotten proper help and will stay healthy.

George Bush: Congratulations on your “$hit” slip up….and why not chew with your mouth closed and NOT talk with a mouthful?! Didn’t your Mamma teach you any manners? What a TOOL. P.S. This has NOTHING to do with politics. I don’t follow US politics. This is purely a human being that is a complete IDIOT.

I think that’s it for my celebrity opinions for today…back to your regular scheduled blog… Pin It

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