Monday, 17 July 2006

This one's for the ladies

So, I have come to the conclusion, after much research…ok, no real research, but I have made the assumption that the designer for Always feminine products is a male.


I was opening my microfilm (ok, my freakin’ DIAPER) last night and I noticed that the little piece of paper that holds the trusty “wings” in place prior to use had something written on it. I looked closely and read the following:

“Have a happy period!”

Are you freaking KIDDING me? Have a happy period?!?! WTF is that? I feel like I am bleeding to death, my hormones are making me both physically and mentally loopy and you tell me to have a happy period?! I think he’s ASKING for a kick in the groin!

I knew, right then and there that the maker/designer of these FEMININE products was a man. Only a man would tell a woman to have a freakin’ happy period.

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