Wednesday, 26 July 2006

So Lance Bass is gay and Oprah is not

or was it that Oprah is gay and Lance Bass is not?

I just can’t keep up with all the celebrity goss lately! Each morning, I swear I will NOT look at celebrity gossip today and every day, I give in. It’s like a train wreck…I don’t WANT to look, but

I CAN’T look away!!

I have several of the big celeb goss blogs bookmarked…

Perez-Hilton He was on Howard Stern this morning and he is really quite funny!

Pink is the New Blog I love Trent. He makes me laugh with his little speech and thought bubbles and I LOVE the way he puts “holla bitches” on some of the baby shots…hilarious!

Celebrity Baby Blog This blog is cool. It’s all about celebs and their pregnancies/babies/children. Some really great photos and interesting stories.

Bullet Proof Bracelets Diana really makes me laugh. She has some really funny ways to put things and I always surf away from her blog with a smile on my face.

Purpleolf Blog Humanizing Celebrities I am really disappointed in this blog. Erin just up and left and the blog has not been updated since July 18th. I really liked this blog and I am sad that she just left like that.

So now, you know my dirty little secret…I LOVE celebrity gossip. I can’t help it. That’s just the way it is.

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