Monday, 31 July 2006

New job, new start

I have worked for the same GREAT company for 9 1/2 years now. I started working in the Customer Service Department, part time, on January 27th, 1997, after completing a 6 month maternity leave with Boy Oneder. I had previously worked for lawyers and absolutely HATED it. I needed a less-stressful job now that I was a new Mom.

I worked part time for about 3 years and then moved to another Customer Service Department, where I worked for about two years. I then moved up to the Client Training Department. I worked there for 2 years and then I joined the Relationship Sales Centre (”RSC”) in January, 2004. I started out as an Inside Sales Rep with no prior sales experience, except my Mary Kay sales. I quickly learned the ropes with 9 other new reps (the RSC was a brand new department) and in January, 2005, I was promoted to Team Leader for the Eastern Region. I had ten people who reported to me and I loved every minute of it. We grew and grew and just before Joanne died, I was managing 16 people…16 AWESOME people.

After Joanne died, I went on short term disability, to help my brother-in-law get things in order and to spend some time with my Mom, who desperately needed my support, as she was still reeling from my Dad’s death, less than 2 years earlier.

When I returned to work on May 1st, things were VERY different. There were alot of new faces and alot of the old faces had left. My heart just wasn’t in it anymore.

So I applied for the position which I start tomorrow…Conversions Specialist. I will eventually be working from home and I am really looking forward to working directly with clients again.

I will miss my friends in the RSC dearly…some of them are as close to me as family. My boss was wonderful and taught me so very much.

Thank you to all of my RSC pallies….especially those, you know who you are, who have been exceptionally wonderful to me throughout this whole ordeal. I will never forget your kindness. Thanks for the memories, the fun, the laughs, the hugs and the support…I am forever indebted to all of you.

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