Tuesday, 4 July 2006

New family members

Today, Hubster needed a new piece for his pond cleaner…ok, it’s not really a pond, it’s more like a puddle, but it is HIS puddle.

We get to Big Al’s Aquarium Centre and the boys start checking out the fish. Me, being the wonderful mother that I am, decide to get them a betta each. They were $3.99 each, including the bowl. Then I see the little guppies. They are SO cute. So, I grab an aquarium, a plastic one, with all the fixings…water conditioner, food, a plant and gravel and the filter. $39.99. We then grab two female guppies and a male (we want babies). And then, because the aquarium is 7 gallons, I decide to get two little aquatic frogs to boot.

$92.00 later, we are the proud owners of five new aquatic dudes. The kids are in their element and can’t stop looking at their new pets. Unfortunately, they have a desire to FEED the little buggers over and over again, so to save them from eating to death, I have had to hide the food.

I must admit, they are cute. We are working on names and I will update once the naming is complete.

On another pet note, Rosie, our five year old Bichon Frise is now painted like the Italian flag. Her *um is red, her middle is her natural colour, white, and her head is green. Italy won today and I promised the boys we would paint her if they won. We used food colouring, so please don’t go calling the SPCA on us. Of course, five minutes after we did it, I called her groomer, asking for an URGENT appointment to get her shaved down and we will “fix” her on Monday night…conveniently AFTER the World Cup finals. I have a photo, but can’t upload it until next week. She does look adorable.


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