Sunday, 2 July 2006

I'm officially getting old

Hubster, Gemma and I went to the neighbours’ house last night for a wine and cheese party. There were five couples, including us. We are the oldest couple, Hubster being 39 and me being 36. I think the next couple is 36 and 34.

It occurred to me that I can’t drink and smoke the way I used to on a Saturday night. Back in the day, a Saturday night BEGAN at 9:30-10:00 and ended waaaay into Sunday morning. A pack of smokes would be gone in that time and don’t even TALK to me about drinks…too many to count. I would stagger into bed, anywhere between 2:00 and 5:00 am and sleep until at LEAST noon. No kids to wake me up, no responsibilites, just blissful sleep.

Back to last night…I had a few glasses of wine throughout the day yesterday, sitting in the backyard, so by the time we went to the neighbours’ house (at about 7:00), I was way ahead on the drinking front. I only had two more glasses last night and we smoked pretty much every hour.

By 11:45, I was absolutely exhausted. Everyone else was doing shooters and having a blast. I just couldn’t do it.

So, we walked home and I fell into bed at midnight. This morning, at 8:07 am, Middleman wakes me up by waving the England flag that grandma gave him in my face. LOVE that kid! LOL!

And so, it has finally occurred to me that I am getting old. I have passed that threshold in life of being able to handle late nights of drinking and smoking. My next threshold is grandmahood. Oh dear God let’s not go there yet! Pin It

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