Wednesday, 19 July 2006

Home Hospital

Middleman has swimmers’ ear. I know, I already told you that. But today, I took him back to the doctor because he’s not getting any better and at 2:00 this morning, he woke up hysterical, in excrutiating pain. He also complained that his other ear hurt.

We saw the doctor this morning and she confirmed that his ear drum on the left (the swimmers’ ear side) was bulging and his ear was full of gunk. She also checked his other ear and confirmed that, completely unrelated to water, he had a middle ear infection in the right ear. She says that this one was caused by sniffles and allergies (which, as far I can tell, he doesn’t have, but, whatev…) So, she advised that we continue the ear drops which she gave him on Tuesday and gave us a prescription for oral antibiotics as well. She said we should start seeing some improvement in about 48 hours. 48 HOURS? I don’t think I can last another 24 hours, let alone 48!

So I am home this afternoon, taking care of my baby. It KILLS me to see him in such pain. The motrin/tylenol schedule is barely touching the pain and he’s not eating or drinking because swallowing hurts too much. He’s lying here on the loveseat with his head on my lap, SOUND asleep right now. Sleep is good…he’s not in pain when he’s asleep. He has my beanbag thingy that we warmed up in the microwave on his ear, which probably isn’t helping his raging fever, but it took the edge off the pain, so it will stay there for a bit.

Poor little lamb…I hate when they are sick. Pin It

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