Sunday, 9 July 2006

The good, the bad, the happy, the sad and the ugly

The Good: ITALY WON THE WORLD CUP!!!! OK, they didn’t REALLY deserve it, France outplayed them in the 2nd half and both overtimes, but they WON and at this point, that’s all that matters!

The Bad: I think Middleman has an ear infection. He has been complaining for two days of earache. If he still has it tomorrow, we will take him to the doctor.

The Happy: We spent the afternoon at our best friends, Kathy and Bruno’s house. They have a new pool and the kids spent the entire day swimming. We watched the game together and had a great time. After the game, we took the kids to the centre of town, Market Lane and partied with about 20,000 other fans. It was BEDLAM. I can’t even imagine what St. Clair in Toronto, which is Little Italy, looked like tonight…pure chaos!!! We painted the kids’ faces green, white and red and we took little Italian Flag coloured Rosie to celebrate with us. So many people took photos of her, saying, “She’s SOOOOOO cute!!”

The Sad: At about 8:00 tonight, Gemma’s flight took off to take her home. I dropped her off at the airport at 5:30 and struggled not to cry in front of her. As I drove away, I cried so hard, I could barely see the road to drive. We had such a nice time together and I really enjoyed her company. I miss her already. When I tucked the boys in tonight, Boy Oneder said, “Mom…I miss Gemma.” I said, “Me too.” He then asked me when she could come back again. I told her I hoped she’d be back again next year. Start saving those pennies Gemma…we want you back and SOON! **As I was typing the next part of this post, Boy Oneder came downstairs crying. “I miss Gemma so bad Mom.” I hugged him and told him that her mom must really miss Gemma and want her to come back home and I told him how much I would miss him if he had gone on vacation. I told him that tomorrow, he and Middleman should write a letter and draw a picture to send to Gemma so that she can put it in her bedroom until she comes again. Bless his heart. He REALLY took to her. (

The Ugly: Back to work tomorrow morning. 7:00 is going to come VERY early tomorrow and I am going to miss the time I spent with the boys. I’ve had such a nice vacation, but, as usual, it went much too quickly. I plan on taking the first week of August off, so that is something to look forward to. I need to win the lottery or get myself a sugar daddy or something. I like staying home too much. ( Pin It

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