Tuesday, 11 July 2006

Backstabbing and betrayal

Does anyone else out there in cyberland sometimes feel like they are back in high school with all the pettiness and nastiness in the world?

Someone is ALWAYS gossiping about someone else or stepping on someone else to get ahead. It just plain sucks.

I wonder how these backstabbers and betrayers sleep at night. Do they feel bad about hurting others? Are the oblivious to it? Do they not care in the least about it?

My PSA of the day is:

Carry on with your hurtfulness. One day, you will get yours. One day, all the hurt that you have done will bite you in the ass…one day, all the people that you hurt will see the hurt reversed.

Sadly for you, you won’t have friends to help absorb the hurt.

Then, oh sweetly then, it will SUCK TO BE YOU!!!! Pin It

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