Wednesday, 14 June 2006

Whimsical Wednesday

If I had a million dollars, here is how I would spend it:

$100,000 on a new car - I’d have alot of research to do cuz there are many to choose from!
$100,000 on a new wardrobe. No holds barred…designer clothes and shoes galore!
$50,000 on a cruise for me and my family and close friends
$100,000 to charity
$250,000 into an education fund for the boys (assuming Boy Oneder won’t get a full golf scholarship! LOL!!!)
$100,000 to be distributed amongst family and close friends
$50,000 on miscellaneous “toys” - electronics, a new motorcycle for Hubster, etc.
$250,000 into an open GIC to collect interest, yet still be available for those little “necessities”!!!

How would YOU spend a million bucks? Pin It

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