Saturday, 10 June 2006

Have I created the next Tiger Woods???

Could my Pampy’s golf genes have been strong enough to skip a generation and go directly to Boy Oneder’s veins?

He is truly amazing. I know that when it is your own child, every parent thinks that *their* child will be the next big star, but this is different. I have tried to keep my head straight about it and to critique him (in my mind) as harshly as I could. But he is good…he is really, really good. He has had three lessons so far. Phil, his instructor (who is very, very hot by the way), but I digress, told us at the second lesson that Boy Oneder had mastered the driver and the irons and that next week (today) would be chipping and putting. I think Phil thought he would be able to spend some time teaching him the other techniques today, but, surprising to all of us, Boy Oneder was a natural. He chipped his first ball right onto the green and into the HOLE! He just has a natural ability with golf.

So, Hubster and I are planning our star-studded future, living off the profits of our PGA Golf Champion son…just kidding of course. But I *do* have to admit…this kid’s got potential! Pin It

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