Thursday, 1 June 2006

All hail the Princess

Since *I* am the Queen, Giuliana, is the Princess. Oh my, she is SUCH a princess. Her dog is a princess too. The funny thing about that statement is that her dog, Radar, is a male. She dresses him like a girl and the poor little thing TAKES it.


I want to tell you about Giuliana. She works with me and I was solely responsible for her being hired. OK, not SOLELY responsible, but I gave her two enthusiastic thumbs up after the interview. I knew she’d give me a run for my money…errrr…crown, but I knew I could handle her. She THINKS I didn’t like her from the beginning, but I swear I did. She and Chantelle were attached at the hip in the beginning, because they were both hired from the same company, at the same time. I had to use a little tough love and separate them so that they would mingle with the rest of the team. I think that’s why she thinks I didn’t like her. I hope after she reads this entry that she realizes how totally wrong she is about that.

Giuliana was hired as an Inside Sales Rep for my Eastern Team. She had a fire that I felt right from the first few questions in the interview and she had proved me right tenfold. She is now a field rep (which is a promotion from inside sales) and she consistently hits…ok BLOWS her numbers out of the water. We can count on Giuliana to hit plan every month. She is phenomenal at what she does…absolutely amazing.

But more importantly, Giuliana has been a friend. She is understanding and is one of the best listeners (once you get a word in edgewise) I’ve ever met. She and I are very much alike and I think that’s why we hit it off so well. She likes shoes a little TOO much, but hey, we all have faults, right? Jules lost her Mom in the last few years and when I lost my Dad, her experience made my grief so much easier to take. Giuliana, Rachel and Jacqui met me at Dave & Buster’s just a couple of days after Joanne’s death and for her support during those early days, I can never repay her. I don’t know what I would have done without her really. She called me every other day at first to check on me. She called when no one else did. She was there for me 100% and was genuine about wanting to be there.

Giuliana straightened my curly, curly hair at Sales Conference this year, which is a feat that only my hairdresser has ever mastered before. She and I were late for the cocktail party (in fact we only spent about 5 minutes there before dinner was ready) but she never once complained about it.

Giuliana…thank you for everything you do and everything you are. I wish you every ounce of happiness that I can muster. You ROCK and I wuv you tons!" Pin It

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