Saturday, 28 January 2006

My sister died today

I can’t believe I am typing it…Joanne was 34. The mother of 3 beautiful little girls, Courtney, 8, Rebekah, 7 (just turned on Jan 22) and Danielle, 3. Her husband, Mark, is devastated.

Joanne was riding her snowmobile and was killed instantly by a car. The newscast says she failed to yield oncoming traffic.

I am numb. Completely dumbfounded. Mom is in England, she is on the 12:00 flight tomorrow. We cancelled our cruise…we are all in shock.”

Why? What has my family done to deserve such pain? Why? Why? Why?

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Tuesday, 24 January 2006


THAT’S where you’ll find me….

After 11 years online, I BOUGHT A DOMAIN!

YIPPPEEEEE! Come and visit!


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Sunday, 22 January 2006

Never again....NEVER again

Hungover, exhausted, achy…UGH…never again. Well, at least not until next year’s conference. LOL!

The nights felt so short, but we were up til the wee hours of the morning every night (always after 3:00) and up for 7:00 for the full days of seminars. Everyone was drunk from 7:00 pm till they rolled into bed (*IF* they even rolled into bed). Made lots of new friends, met up with some old friends and had lots of fun. But, I am paying dearly now.

On another note, I have a quit date. March 3rd, 2006 will be the last day that a cigarette touches my lips. I am sick of being controlled by cigarettes and I *WILL* do it forever this time!

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Monday, 16 January 2006

Off to Sales Conference I go

No kids, no hubby, no mil, no dog, NADA!

Hard, long, boring days, followed by drunken, festive nights.

Ahhhhhhhh….THAT’S what I’m talking about!

Back Saturday!

Bye for now!

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Sunday, 15 January 2006

So I think Madonna has it all wrong

“Time goes by so slowly…” - ummm….no it doesn’t. Time FLIES by.

It’s 2006. Seems like yesterday, it was 1987 and I was graduating from high school!

Wasn’t it last month that I gave birth to my first son? No…that was nearly ten years ago…Wasn’t it last week that we buried my Dad? No…that was almost two years ago.

Man oh man…life is just slipping by. My almost TEN year old son is asking questions about sex for the love of Pete! I thought *I* just learned about the birds and the bees a couple of years ago!

And so…I don’t know what kind of world Madonna lives in, but it sure ain’t mine!!

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Thursday, 12 January 2006

I am in desperate need of a massage!

Friday, I have a hot stone massage booked. Wish it was today!!!!

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Tuesday, 10 January 2006

Forgiveness and honesty

Thank you to everyone who has commented, emailed and IM’d me about this whole fiasco. The support is unbelievable.

I have visited a place where the “misfits”, “malcontents” and “troublemakers” have set up their new home. I went to apologize for my stupidity. To my surprise, these evil, horrid people are actually human beings with feelings! They didn’t rip me apart like I thought they would. They treated me with respect…they gave me the benefit of the doubt. The benefit that months ago, I did not afford them. For this, I am truly grateful.

I don’t know how they are feeling, but I think I’ve mended bridges by being honest. I hope they feel the same way.

And I guess I am now one of those Misfits, Malcontents and Troublemakers. I gotta tell ya…it feels better on this side of the fence! ;oP

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Saturday, 7 January 2006

How I lost my home (nutshell version)

Somehow my IP address was linked to the IP address of the owners of TPP. Could be one of two things: (1) The owners logged into my account; (2) An intruder somehow got into TPP and logged in under my name. Either way, SOMEONE logged in under my name, as well as several other members’ names (approximately 10 of them).

I felt that the owners were not forthcoming nor supportive when I was advised of the “breach” of my account. I feel I was publicly made fun of (on the Mod Board by “G”) for panicking (I was told that the situation may be that someone has access to ALL my personal information on the net, not just that at TPP. I feel I was either lied to or was pushed off. I still have no answers and when I questioned this behaviour, I was told By “C” that she is a busy full time mom, yada yada yada. I understand you’re busy, but hell lady, someone may be accessing my bank account right now! Paranoia or not, I deserve an explanation. The whole thing was turned around into a poor “C” and “G” fest and I had lost all trust in both of them. Another EC member stepped down yesterday as well.

I closed both my TPP accounts yesterday and have zero access to the site. I refuse to even lurk somewhere that may be “seeing” into my personal life. Who knows what information they have about me. I’m just a gal who plays on the net, not a computer-savvy tech-dude. I don’t know how to fully protect myself against someone who has the know-how to steal passwords (if in fact it was a hacker and not “G” and “C” themselves, which, to tell you the truth is the way I am leaning).

Since I left, I have not received an email nor a phone call from the owners to thank me for my past service (voluntary, 100%). No thank you for sticking by them when the whole WORLD hated them. No attempt to explain, no honesty.

Good luck to both of them. Unless they pull out the honesty card, there will be many others that follow my lead.

To those still there….watch your back…you never know who’s looking over your shoulder. I still don’t because I still haven’t been given an explanation as to why their IP addy was showing up under my name. G&C have told me that no “security protocols have been breached” but shit, *MY* security protocols were!!!!! I guess they don’t count!

So…that’s the short version of the story. I welcome them to post theirs on my comments section if they read this. I’d love to know the truth.

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To all my TPP pals

Here’s where you can find me…

I’m not asking you to leave TPP…just come visit me once in a while. I have closed my accounts at TPP and therefore have absolutely no access to you guys…I sure will miss you.

Hope to see you there and spread the word for those who don’t have this link, will ya?

Thanks dollies! Love you all!


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It's a sad, sad day

England lost. What a phenomenal game though. Beckham was injured in the first half and early in the second half, Rooney got a red card. After two overtimes and one full half with only ten players, England and Portugal went to penalty kicks…Portgual scored three to our two. A sad, sad day when you lose like that. England outplayed Portugal, but they lost.

The England flag has been retired from my car, but Italy’s flag stands proud.

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Friday, 6 January 2006

I'm homeless

I am no longer a member of TPP. My homepage is now inaccessible. Where will I ever find such a place to call home?

My heart aches, but it had to be done.

And so, as far as the www is concerned, I am homeless.

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Sunday, 1 January 2006

First entry of 2006

and I have to say that for all the whining and complaining I do, both here and in real life, I must admit that I am a very lucky person.

I have an awesome family, both immediate and extended, with a few I’d exclude from awesome, but overall, pretty good ;o)!

We had a great day today and a fun night last night.

Today, life is good again!


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