Saturday, 24 September 2005

The boys started back at Italian school today

Middleman BEGGED me not to make him go, but being the evil mother that I am, I FORCED him to go and learn.

He came out at noon, skipping along and singing an Italian song he had learned. So, we had this conversation:

“How was Italian School, Middleman?”

“Good.” (this is the answer to nearly EVERY question I ask him)

“Did you like your teacher?”


“Did you learn anything?”

“Mom…there’s this boy in my class that is in my regular school too and his name is Matthew. Look..there he is! He’s my new best friend. I get to play outside in this WHOLE big school yard and we can see you!” (our house backs onto the school yard)

“So, you want to keep coming to Italian School?”

“Yes. I like Italian School now.”


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