Sunday, 21 August 2005

Up, Up and Awaaay!

So, we took the boys to the CN Tower today. Hubster had never been and I hadn’t been since I was a child, so we decided to take them today.

What a waste of time AND money…we paid $72.00 to get the four of us up to the observation deck…if we wanted to go to the “Skypod”, it was an additional $9.00 each…we decided against it. We waited for an hour and a half to get up there…it was hot, stinky and PACKED. Finally, we go to the top. We go out onto the observation deck for about 5 minutes and then we are told that the terrace was now closed and we had to go back inside. Understand that to see ANYTHING from this deck, you HAVE to be oustide. We stood amongst the GAZILLION other people on the tiny piece of glass floor and then stood in line for another half an hour to go back down. So, all in all, we WAITED for 2 hours today, paid out $72.00 + $10.00 parking, and spent a total of about 10 minutes in the CN Tower, enjoying the sights.

UGH!! Never again. The only good that came of this fiasco is that my kids can actually say they’ve been up the CN Tower. Pin It

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