Sunday, 17 July 2005

A weekend that actually FELT like a weekend!

This weekend seemed to last forever! It’s been a long time since I’ve felt that way!

Friday night, we went down to a Greek restaurant on the Danforth with Kathy and Bruno…we rode the motorcycle!!! O!! I’m not a big fan of Greek food, but the company (and the ride) was nice.

Saturday morning, we went to the karate picnic, where Boy Oneder was presented with his VIOLET belt!! WOOHOO! Only three more belts to Black!!! The kids had a BLAST, playing with their water guns and ended up completely soaked!!

Today, we did some tv window shopping and then had a nice English roast dinner. Tonight, we went to Mom’s to help her hang some pictures and now, I am about to go to bed.

The weather kinda sucked all weekend, but it was a nice weekend anyway!

One major concern is Middleman….he was peeing every 10 minutes on Friday, so we took him to the walk-in clinic. The doctor checked his urine and then checked his penis…the foreskin is EXTREMELY tight and needs to be stretched. He prescribed an antibiotic/steroidal cream, but I am very concerned that he will end up having a circumcision. We are making an appointment to see our family doctor tomorrow, so I’m praying he’ll tell us otherwise. Pin It

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