Thursday, 14 July 2005

Sports parents

Vent time…

Boy Oneder's baseball coach is a KNOB. OK…I give him credit because he is volunteering his time to coach the team, but he is an idiot! There are two coaches actually and one is as stupid as the other. They both have sons on the team…both boys are the most spolied, obnoxious brats I’ve ever met. They swear at the coaches, the umpire and the other kids. One of these boys refuses to play outfield and cries if he is told her has to, so the coaches give in and put another kid in the outfield. The kid is 9 years old!!!

Last night, our coach nearly had a fist fight with the other coach over a stupid rule…great role modelling for the kids!

I am so frustrated. Boy Oneder is not enjoying himself this year and I have to insist that he go to the games. We won’t be playing again next year. How sad is that? Pin It

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