Thursday, 30 June 2005

Dawn is my is my game!

Dawn is my name…Golf is my game…

I played golf with the boys tonight. I LOVE it!!! Not only do I love it, but I am actually GOOD at it!!! LMAO!!!!

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Mean people

Why are people so mean?

There is a boy down the street who comes here ALL the time and plays with both Boy Oneder and Middleman. Even though he is Boy Oneder’s age, he gets along better with Middleman and spends more time with him than Boy Oneder. In fact, Boy Oneder doesn’t like him much. He is pretty immature and Boy Oneder is more MATURE than most 8 year olds, so when he comes here, Middleman likes to play with him while Boy Oneder does his own thing. I wonder whether his parents are aware of this after what happened today.

It’s the boy’s birthday party next Saturday. Boy Oneder was invited to the party. This morning, Boy Oneder called the boy to tell him he would be at the party. When he asked if Middleman was invited, the boy asked him mom and came back to the phone to say no. Middleman was devastated. It is Boy Oneder and Middleman's party on Sunday and the boy was at the top of MIDDLEMAN'S list and not even ON Boy Oneder’s list of guests.

After hanging up the phone, Boy Oneder asked why the boy wouldn’t invite his “best friend”. Boy Oneder perceives Middleman as the boy’s best friend. I said that it was OK and that Middleman has his other friends. Boy Oneder said “If Middleman's not invited,I don’t want to go.”

I called his Mom back to say that Middleman was quite upset and that with all due respect, Boy Oneder would not attend without his brother. I explained that Middleman spent more time with the boy when he was here than Boy Oneder did and that I felt it was not fair to send one without the other. She said I was just not being “nice” by not letting Boy Oneder go and that she had a dilemma and thought about it when wrting the invitations as to whether to invite Middleman. She advised that she wanted to keep it small and that there were only 4 kids.

I told her we would give a gift, that there were no hard feelings, that I completely understood, but that they would not attend. She then said that it was mean of me nt to let Boy Oneder go. So then I said, I’ll take Middleman to the bowling alley (where she is having the party) and we will bowl together while the party was going on. She then told me that I was being ridiculous and that if this was the way it had to be, Middleman is MORE than welcome to come…”we’d be HAPPY to have him.” So, 5 minutes later, she had talked me in to saying that it was OK for both boys to go.
Half an hour later, I get a call from the kid’s father, to say that he has spoken to his wife and that they are extremely upset that I have put them in this position and that they feel that the best solution is to have none of the children attend either bitrhday party.

I said that I was sorry it came to this and that I hope he understood my predicament and before I could even say “understood” he cut me off and said “No we DON’T understand and we don’t appreciate being told who we have to invite to our party.”
Sigh… Guess my dilemma has ended and I guess so has my relationship with these people. How sad.

I can’t even FATHOM the thought of inviting one child without the other in this circumstance. Boy Oneder has been invited to MANY birthday parties without Middleman by kids at school, but the boy is different…he is more Middleman’s friend than Boy Oneder’s.

I am so torn up about this whole thing. It’s eating me up. Sometimes, I guess the nice guy DOES finish last. The boy idolizes Boy Oneder (his Mom has told me this in the past). Boy Oneder could care less about this kid, but I tell Boy Oneder to be polite and to spend time with him when he is here. 90% of the time when the boy is here, Boy Oneder’s off doing his own thing. I can’t help but wonder if this is the boy’s Mom’s way of getting the boy “in” with Boy Oneder. I guess she doesn’t realize how close Boy Oneder is to his brother. Boy Oneder decided he didn’t want to go if Middleman couldn’t go.

I think the best thing to do is for me to deliver a gift and leave it on the boy’s doorstep. I will include a note to his parents, apologizing for any hurt I’ve caused and hope that we can get over this as adults so that our children can continue their relationship. Pin It

Heat wave ends

Heat wave ends….

WOW! After 9 straight days of heat above 30 degrees celcius, a major storm system came through last night and took the heat with it!! With the humidex, the temperatures soared to over 35 degrees. It was NASTY!

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A day at the spa makes Dawn a happy girl!

A day at the spa makes Dawn a happy girl…Ahhhh…..gotta love some good ole spa pampering!

My employees all pitched in and got me a $100 gift certificate for the local spa to thank me for all I do for them I REALLY love my team.

Today, I took the day off and got my nails done, had a hot stone massage and a tropical mist spray on tan. It was heavenly!

Then, this afternoon, I went to the boys’ school to watch my baby-bear graduate from Senior Kindergarten. Wasn’t he JUST born? Where does the time go???? He was sooooo cute…they sang some songs and received their diplomas from the principal and then we had some refreshments. As an added treat, they got to leave at 2:00 instead of the normal 3:00. Of course, I had a good cry afterall, my baby is all grown up.

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Michael Jackson...NOT guilty!

Michael Jackson…NOT GUILTY!

WOW! I am thrilled at the verdicts because I truly in my heart think Michael Jackson is innocent. He is a very, very strange person, but I don’t think he molests children. I think he loves them too much (not sexual love).

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Anger sucks

Anger sucks

I’m trying really hard to let go of the anger and be more forgiving.

Mom, Hubster and I went to Golf Town tonight and I bought a set of golf clubs!!! I’m hoping to really get into this!!! Pin It

Anger, depression, BLAH!

Anger, depression, blah I’m mad at myself…I’m mad at my Mom…I’m mad at my sister…

I’m just plain MAD.

I’m mad at myself because I have no will power. I WANT to lose weight, but have no will power to do it. I have all the right intentions, but never follow through. I lost ten pounds over three weeks and then gained it ALL back. :-[ I wish I was thin again, but I wish I could not exercise too. Stupid, I know.

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Where to begin??

Where to begin?

So, everyone who’s anyone these days seems to “blog”, so I thought I’d get in on the action…

What a great idea…I’ll type all my personal stuff online, so some other sad soul can read my daily stuff…

I have no idea where to even begin, so I’ll start from waaaaay back in the beginning…
My name is Dawn. I was born on Sunday, August 17th, 1969 in Bristol, England. My parents are Robert (Feb 20/47 to May 20/04) and Marlene (57) . I have one younger sister, named Joanne (33). She is married to BIL (40) and they have three girls, C (8), R (6)and D (2). I am married to Hubster (38) and we have two sons, Boy Oneder (8) and Middleman (5). We live in Ontario, Canada.

My parents brought us to Canada in 1974 to begin a new life in the “Great White North” and brought with them only $2,000.00 and 13 suitcases. I can’t even IMAGINE leaving my homeland, ALL of my family and coming to a place I have never been before…but they did it and thank God they did. We have had many opportunities thanks to my parents’ courage. Pin It

Oh Happy Day!

I have the most amazing team of employees EVER. I am a Sales Manager in a call centre with 14 employees reporting to me. They are the most amazing group of people. We closed the month of June at 105%!!! I am so proud of them and am truly blessed to be the leader of such a great team.

We closed the second quarter at more than 94%…a STELLAR performance.

Life is good today!

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Man it's hot!!!

Man it’s hot….

41 degrees with the humidex….UGH!

Gonna take the boys to the movies today (Herbie - Fully Loaded) to beat the heat.

I can’t stand it when it’s this hot!

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Sometimes, people SUCK!

Sometimes, people suck…

The internet is a wonderful, amazing tool. It helps to keep us in touch with people miles and miles away within seconds at a really, really cheap cost. It allows us to access information in seconds…it is a piece of my life I could never live without.
The internet can also be hurtful, negative, wrong and deceiving. There are whackos out there who get pleasure from others’ pain. There are people who laugh at others’ misfortunes and show complete disregard for their feelings. I saw (and felt) that last week and I saw it again today.

A person I have never met before, but feel like I know better than my own sister, was ripped apart today by people who call themselves her friends.

I am too angry to continue this blog right now, but will elaborate later.
To be continued…………

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Jolly Old England

Jolly old England…………

I’m booked! I just finished booking my flight to England. I leave on September 8th and come home on the 18th.

Yipppppeeeee! I’m going home!

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Golfing is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much fun!!! OMG!!! I did really well too!! I really do need to play more often!

Eight of us played (two foursomes) and I got to drive the golf cart and everything!

Absolutely brilliant!

Now I need to get Hubster out on the course with me…I just might kick his butt! Pin It


YAAAAAAAAWN…………So much for a good night’s sleep. The neighbour’s dog barked all night long and I had a pounding headache (surprise, surprise after this weekend’s events)…

However, I woke to a lovely sight…Boy Oneder was in the school yard with Michael, playing as if nothing had happened. We can learn alot from kids. Pin It

Up and down and allllll around

Up, down and ALLLLLL around…

I am so tired. I haven’t slept well since Saturday night. Dunno why. Not worrying or anything…just keep waking up and falling asleep and waking up and falling asleep…
I’m a little sad about my Dad lately. Kind of a delayed reaction to Father’s Day, I think. I’m just thinking about him alot.

I’m very excited about tomorrow…going golfing after work with 7 people from my team. I’ve never really golfed on a golf course…just on a driving range, so THIS should be a laugh!

I’m also EXTREMELY excited because I am going to England on September 8th for ten days with my Mom. I am sooooo pumped! Details on this to follow.

Lovin’ wireless internet!! I’m sitting on my deck, on this GORGEOUS night….ahhhhhh!

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Welcome Home Mom!

Welcome home Mom!

Mom and Joanne (my sister) came home from England today. I had the distinct pleasure of sitting in 1.5 hours of traffic at the airport because some dumb-ass taxi drivers decided to stage a protest. Heeeeeeeeeere we go…..

My Dad (God rest his soul) was a strong union man. I believe that unions are a good thing. However, today was a complete joke. I had to pick up Mom and Joanne from the airport…the taxi drivers stopped traffic completely. It took me 1.5 hours to get into the joke of an airport called Pearson. Every road leads you in circles and nothing makes sense in the BEST of times. Thank God, my Mom and sister were able to befriend some people, who drove them to a place just outside the airport, where I met them, after going north, to go south again and around and around.
Luckily, I didn’t get to the picket lines. I think I would have punched someone if I had gotten that far.

So, I left the office at 4:20…Mom and Joanne were outside waiting for me. I got home at 7:10. What a f*cking joke. GRRRRRRR! After all the chaos they caused today, I hope those damned taxi drivers got whatever the hell they wanted (at the public’s expense)…ASSHOLES.

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Happy Father's Day

Happy Father’s Day!

Happy Father’s Day to my wonderful husband…the most amazing role model EVER for my boys.

Happy Father’s Day to my dear Daddy in Heaven. My second fatherless father’s day…wish you were here Daddy.

Happy Father’s Day to my wonderful father-in-law in Heaven. We miss you lots!

Happy Father’s Day to all the Dads around the world who put their children first!


Mistakes made…guilt felt…knives twisted…Did I overstep my boundary with the whole birthday party thing? Maybe…

Was I stupid for asking for strangers’advice? Maybe…

Was it necessary for complete strangers to stick me with knives and then twist them over and over with their harsh words and insults? No. Was it necessary for complete strangers to accuse me of being a manipulator and of threatening people and being rude? No.

In writing tonight’s blog, I am letting go of the mistake, the guilt and the hurt that I have carried for the last two days. People that know me in real life know that I meant no harm. The people I love most in the world know that I would never hurt intentionally. These are the people that matter…THESE are the people who I should be listening to.

If I cannot be forgiven for a mistake that was made with the best intentions, then so be it. I cannot change the thoughts that people have about me…I can only do my best each day.

And so, good-bye mistake; good-bye guilt;

Hello contentment; hello self-forgiveness; hello peaceful, unworrying sleep…

Oh and to those who chose to be nasty with their words…

Thank you. GOD BLESS YOU…you helped me to forgive MYSELF and move on and in the process, I actually forgave you!

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Wednesday, 29 June 2005

Let's try this again

So, my site is FULL of spam and now, the site is down…who knows for how long, so I thought I’d try a new site. Hopefully, this is the new PERMANENT site. If ever comes back up, I’ll cut and paste all of my previous posts here.

Just when I was getting good at blogging.

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Saturday, 11 June 2005


So, we have a cruise planned for February. I need to renew my Passport, so I need my Canadian Citizenship card as one of the umpteen documents I need to provide as proof of my existence. Of course, I can’t find the effing card. Now, I have to apply for a replacement Citizenship card, which requires the following:

Birth Certificate - check
Marriage Certificate - check
Driver’s License - check
Health Card - check
$75.00 processing fee - check
2 photos - gotta get them done tomorrow

Now I have to mail all this stuff to Nova Scotia for processing. God only knows how long THAT will take, knowing our government.

Then, once the card is sent to me, I have to go through the whole thing again with my Passport. I don’t think I’m going to have it in time for our trip!

I know I’m a moron for losing my Citizenship card, but wouldn’t it make more sense for me to take my Passport (which doesn’t expire until January) to the Passport office, with my license and health card and just RE-VALIDATE all the information they already HAVE? What do these people who come from third world countries do? You can’t tell me they all have birth certificates and frigin’ drivers’ licenses!!!

It’s a complete joke and now I have to worry about whether I’ll get everythng back in time for my trip.


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