Thursday, 1 November 2001

Oh the guilt!

So, we caught our mouse. Well one of them at least. I saw Rosie pushing something around with her nose and there he was, trying desperately to get his feet out of the glue in the glue trap. He looked so innocent and cute…a little mouse that you could just hold in your hand and love and cuddle. I screamed, cursed, yelled, jumped up and down and cursed some more. Then, I told Hubster to get his ass into the dining room to get the (censored) mouse out of there. Hubster freaked out a little and then got rid of him. I don’t know where he is or what Hubster did with him, and I don’t WANT to know, but suffice it to say that he was alive when he left my home, but I don’t know his situation now. I told Hubster that under NO circumstances was he to tell me what he did with Mickey.

So, in my head, I have assumed that Hubster diligently helped the little guy out of his “sticky situation” and that he is a free roaming mouse right now. Of course, I know he is either suffering or dead at this point, but la la la la la la….I am in my happy place.

I am praying he was the only (or the last) mouse to ever room in my home. That was an ordeal and a half!!! Pin It

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